IMPAX X-Ray Angio Analysis R1.0 - 2 Pages

Angio Analysis
• Quantication of complex lesions and
morphologies in peripheral angiograms
• Part of IMPAX; ts into the routine clinical
workow and helps enhance medical care
• Automated, intuitive calibration and analysis
• Analysis is done in three task-guided clicks
• Automatic calculation of straight, bifurcated
and ostial stenosis and aneurysm parameters
• Includes a broad range of image processing
tools such as (re-)masking and pixel shift
Agfa HealthCare’s IMPAX
X-Ray Angio Analysis R1.0
is a comprehensive package
for reviewing vendor-independent
DICOM X-Ray Angio (XA) and
Radio Fluoroscopy (RF) diagnostic
images in the radiology domain;
performing digital subtractions,
quantitative analysis of lesions
and morphologies; and storing
A better angiogram workow, enhancing patient care
Three steps to angiogram analysis
Agfa HealthCare’s IMPAX X-Ray Angio Analysis R1.0
Whether for a straight, a bifurcated or an ostial arterial
software package is designed to improve radiography
analysis, only three guided steps are necessary in order
productivity and medical care, by enhancing the angiogram
for the reading radiologist to view the analysis results:
analysis workow. It allows the reading radiologist to
calibrate, select the points over the lesion to be analyzed
acquire, read and process an angiogram, all from a single
and click ‘nish’ to view the results. As the steps are guided,
IMPAX workstation. The radiologist no longer needs to
application training is kept to a strict minimum.
switch to another, dedicated modality workstation for
the processing and analysis, promoting a more efcient
workow, which can increase productivity. The availability
of the tools needed at the point-of-diagnosis can improve
the radiologist’s efciency and enhance medical care at the
same time.
It thus breaks through yet another barrier to a more
effective workow!
The software automatically detects the contours, performs
the necessary calculations and supplies the results.
For straight peripheral arteries, the software provides
Quantication of Vascular Analysis (QVA) for XA and CR
image types. For lesions localized at either the ostial or
bifurcated part of the artery, dedicated quantication
algorithms have been included.

IMPAX X-Ray Angio Analysis R1.0
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    IMPAX X-RAY ANGIO ANALYSIS R1.0Broad range of tools at the point-of-diagnosisFits smoothly into hospital and radiologist workowThe Agfa HealthCare IMPAX...
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