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electrical cerebral stimulator

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Transcutaneous Jaundice Detector Diagnostic standard for pathological jaundice: * The Jaundice appears within 24 hours after born, sérum bilirubin concentration for term infant >6mg/dl; sérum bilirubin concentration>9mg/dl within 24-48 hours; sérum bilirubin • Sérum bilirubin concentration for term infant >220.6umol/l{12.9mg/dl). * Sérum bilirubin concentration for prématuré >255umol/l{5mg/dl). * Sérum conjugative bilirubin concentration >34umol/l(2mg/dl). • Sérum bilirubin rislng >85umol/l(5mg/dl)for every day. * The Jaundice lasts for long time, exceed 2-4 weeks,or more serious progressively. * Appears not early but always can not be cured, or reoccurred after fadeaway. Function features: ■ KJ-8000 is mainly used to measure transcutaneous bilirubin value relating to sérum bilirubin value of newborns and infants, it is a kind of filtering médical testing instrument that blood sampling is not necessary and there is no pain or bacteria infection. - Displayed unit: mg/dl. umol/l, no unit(bllirubin) optional. * No blood sampling, no pain, no infection,small volume, light weight.easy for carrying .direct reading, no conversion, endurable battery, exact, quick, intuitionistic, no wound, intelligentized, miniatuhzation, convenient, stable, reliable. Technical index: * Checklng method:reflectïng light. ' Display: Three digits LCD display on the big screen. The wrong data can be alarmed and deleted. the unit can be Switched between mg/dl. umol/l freely. • Lamp-house: xénon flash light. • Power: 4.8v rechargeable pile. • Quick charge: charging time 3 hours. • Measuring times: at least 500 tlmes after charging. - Calibration function:automatic. • Calibration screen: display "00.0" or "00.1". • Accuracy: s 6% of the pre-set value. • Prompt facility:when the battery voltage lower than 4.4V, appears " ■-• " symbol. Means the battery needs charge. • Average measurement function: 2 ~~ 5 times can be set. Cérébral circulation function therapeutic apparatus Treatment principle: KJ-3000 séries Cérébral circulation function therapeutic apparatus adopts biologlcal information simulation tech. and computer software technology to syntheslze combined puise wave, through the électrodes which are attached on the mastoids behind the two ears sides, and allows the therapy current to be introduced into fastigial nucleus through the skull without hurt and makes electrical stimulation on brain. The mechanism is that when the nervous pathways in the brain are stimulated by partlcular electric current the brain microcirculation and cerebrovascular auto-regulation will be influenced and cérébral blood flow (rCBF) will be improved. Functional features: < Adopted bioinformation simulation technique and computer software technique to synthesize combined pulsatite wave, no wounds and easy to operate. • Overcome the barner of cranial bones without wounds, improve the brain blood-supply exactly. ■ With multiple treatment exporting modes, and can be applied widely in cllnic treatments. • Optimize emulated bioelectricity with the effective export < 10 A, and it is much safer. ■ Stages of cérébral infarction, convalescence stage of cérébral hemorrhage, wakening of the cérébral trauma patients, convalescence stage of cérébral trauma, prévention of apoplexy, insufficiency of cérébral blood-supply (insufficiency of blood-supply of vertébral artery caused by cervical syndrome), hemicrania, insomnia, récognition functional impairment, senile dementia, dépressive disorder etc. • Ophthalmology diseases llke ischemla of fundus - Dlsturbances of autonomie nerve of the cérébral apoplexy patients. • Cérébral palsy of chlldren.

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