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THE ORIGINS ICELAND & THE SÓLEY FLOWER Iceland. An island full of contrasts where fire coexists with ice. P recipitous cliffs with calm waters. Bright lights with dark shadows. Opposites attract, as the saying goes. These landscapes are a rich source for inspiration and a haven for creative work. The birthplace of series 2750 Sóley. A folding chair that achieved and earned the s tatus of a design classic. The pair of opposites, consisting of sun and moon, is united into the design aesthetics – reflected in the circular seat and the lunate back. Echoing the deep affinity with nature, a...

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valdimar harðarson ARCHITECT & DESIGNER Valdimar Harðarson was born in Reykjavik in 1951. Only two years after having completed his architectural studies at Lund University in Sweden, he founded his own architect’s office with his colleagues in his home town in 1982. For their designs of public buildings in Iceland and private residences, he and his team won several awards. At ASK Arkitektar, Harðarson devoted himself to out of the ordinary furniture designs. Sóley’s success story began in 1983 when young Harðarson met D ieter Kusch in Cologne and showed him the prototype of the chair. Mr...

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Dieses Pradikat . verleiht. die Redaktion dem JWh-kkippùfal* I "S.iLBY ILLUSTRIOUS BEGINNINGS FURNITURE OF THE YEAR 1984 Back then, his daring design received great acclaim from both architects and design enthusiasts. Soley scooped the Roscoe Award in the USA and two Good Design Awards in Japan, won the title "Furniture of the Year 1984", and was subsequently honoured by the Design-Center Stuttgart. The construction principle of this folding chair is as easy as proverbial pie: less is more! The circles of the seat and the back and the straight lines of the frame are the twin pillars onto...

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A CLASSIC REBORN CREATIVITY IS TIMELESS Classic works of art are of timeless beauty. This statement also applies to furniture classics, often taking the centre stage of the interior design thanks to their unique design aesthetics. Series 2750 Sóley also rose through the ranks, achieving cult status. Nowadays, this series is much sought-after to adorn upmarket environments. Serving the purpose of an eye-catcher. Or showcased as a classic characterized by progressive design features. Or used for its intended purpose as a compact folding chair, appreciated for its practicality and cherished...

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Breite/Tiefe/Hohe/Sitzhohe. Breedte/Diepte/Hoogte/Zithoogte. Largeur/Profondeur/Hauteur/Hauteur d'assise. Sitz/Rücken Buche. Zitting/rug beuken. Assise/dossier hêtre. Upholstered seat, back beech. 2752/3 Sitz gepolstert, Rücken Buche. Zitting gestoffeerd, rug beuken. Assise garnie, dossier hêtre. ISOFTLINK] Enter the model number on our website www.kusch.com for additional product information. Durch Eingabe der Modellnummer auf www.kusch.com erhalten Sie weitere Produktinformationen. Voer het modelnummer op onze site www.kusch.com in voor meer productinformatie. Entrez le numéro de modèle...

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